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standing on the boundary and staring at us, driving past us and up and down the boundary very slowly and repeatedly at all hours of the day and night, generally creepy sort of behaviour that left us in no doubt that he was trying to intimidate and frighten us.

Under the circumstances of a witnessed assault the NFH had no option than to agree to the AVO, he could have contested it but the police had charged him and we had witnesses so he would have lost.

Neighbours from Hell in Britain is a community for people dealing with neighbours from hell.

They have a forum and have recently published the results of a poll on "What is your worst Neighbour from Hell problem?

With emotions running high, a family member can easily accuse another of having threatened or intimidated them simply because of the disputes going on in the family.

If you find yourself facing these types of charges, consulting with a Riverside domestic violence attorney from Law Offices of Paul Grech can provide you with a skilled and experienced counsel to represent you.

OKLAHOMA CITY - Residents at a metro apartment complex said they are terrified of a violent neighbor.

According to reports, Oklahoma City police have been called to the man's unit 13 times in the past 31 days.Bullying and harassment by neighbours is common but there's little information on how to deal with it.Laws are weak and often authorities are reluctant to become involved.however the AVO would have been technically more difficult to obtain because; "The court has to be convinced that the protected person needs an AVO because they fear the defendant, and it is reasonable for them to fear the defendant.The court needs to be convinced on the balance of probabilities, which means that something is more likely to be true than not." We had a detailed records of the behaviour of the NFH so it would have been up to us, largely based on those records, to convince the court had the NFH chosen to contest the issuing of an AVO against him. when you speak to the police make sure that you ask for the Name of the officer you are speaking to and ask for a receipt .) this way the police will take you seriously and you will be able to prove your complaint/s in court if that becomes necessary.

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