Validating an autoclave

Validation of the autoclave and the sterilization cycle(s) is required by ANSI, AAMI, ISO, and the FDA to ensure that all items that are required to be sterile are able to consistently and reliably be sterilized to reduce the chance of introducing or spreading an infectious microorganism.

Installation Qualification (IQ) Validation of an autoclave begins with the execution of the Installation Qualification (IQ) protocol.

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All bioindicators (BIs) are inactivated at some undetermined but early point in the validation cycle, and temperature profiles are presented separately.This white paper details the tricks, tips and traps to such a validation project from how to choose your control to which load configuration to use for your validation runs.This document was prepared in February 2016, any content including links and quoted regulation may be out of date.The data would be presented as just that: all BIs were inactivated.A key component when presenting any autoclave validation package, however, is to be able to clearly defend how the requirement to correlate biologic and physical lethality data from the validation reports is satisfied (1).

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