Updating a jlist

after that the program then has to update the Jlist so that the new "event Name" that has been added appears immediately after the user has entered it, on the Jlist.code is Everything runs fine until it gets to the update Events List() method.I am adding item in the combo box within a fucntion and I am calling that function from action Listener of a button. Hey, I am calling a function from a class to pass an array of information and to put the name in the combo Box. I then add values to the model which then appear in the JList.Here is some of my code text Choice = new JCombo Box(Array()); add(text Choice); Now, I can ...

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My problem is that even data are inserted inside the jcombobox (i.e. Hi, This is my first time using Swing, and I've having a major problem with JCombo Box.The contents of the JCombo Boxes is a static collection member (so they all have the same values available). The problem I'm having is after I add an item to the static collection, when you pulldown some of the other JCombo Boxes, there is nothing displayed at first, but you can click in it ... This allows you to use and benefit from a sorted model after making only minimal changes to your existing application code base. It is a logical error and just isnt doing what i would like it to. After the user had added a new "event Name" by entering it into a JOption Pane Message Dialog, the program then adds this to the database.

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