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Still more severe was the mid-1990s academic scandal under then-coach Clem Haskins that resulted in the forfeit of a Final Four appearance. Dave Mac Millan, who coached the team from 1927 to 19 to 1948, had the second longest tenure as coach at 18 seasons.

Initially, the Gophers team formed without any organized coach. John Wooden almost succeeded Mc Millan as Gophers head coach; Wooden claims that a dispute over retaining Mc Millan as an assistant coach and a delayed phone call led him to accept the job at UCLA instead.

Almost all species have some form of membranous wings, except for a few that have reduced wings or are wingless.

Like most other insects, butterflies and moths are holometabolous, meaning they undergo complete metamorphosis.

In total, the Gophers have won nine Big Ten championships, but only four since 1919.

College basketball research organizations have retroactively awarded Minnesota national championships in 1902, 1903, and 1919.

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It says an investigation found that the players were in fact removed from the team because they were in a dating relationship and that they experienced discrimination because of their sexual orientation.

It says the team rule violated Title IX as well as Texas A&M system policy.

The former players filed a complaint that said their dismissal was based on sexual orientation and that it violated Title IX, the law that bans discrimination based on sex at schools receiving federal funds.

USA TODAY Sports obtained a memorandum written by Catherine Smock, the school’s special assistant to the president for compliance.

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