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Eddie Izzard, 41, had even attempted to make his burly physique more womanly with the addition of fake breasts - 38C, since you ask.

(The breasts, incidentally, were borrowed from Uma Thurman's body double in The Avengers film in which he co-starred.

The pretty skirt - new season Cacharel - could not be more feminine.

It’s a (literally) vintage Izzard show, covering the ascent of man, why he doesn’t believe in God, the different mentality of the PC and the Apple Mac, the impossibility of Noah’s Ark (if it were real, for one thing, all the animals would be dead except for the lions and the tigers), a giraffe signalling lion-danger through charades and a cough, and a jazz-crowing cockerel.But who is Sarah Mc Guinness and why has a buzz been growing around the virtually unknown singer for the past few weeks?Earlier in the day I had discovered her remarkable story and pieced together her true identity. She is listed as a composer mainly known for soundtracking Eddie Izzard's hugely successful videos over the past 14 years. Pictures abound of her looking raven-haired and sultry.Mc Guinness may be Izzard's secret long-time girlfriend.Izzard has always remained tight-lipped about his private life, though the press has long tried to link him to women — to no avail. Further digging shows that Eddie Izzard has two Sarahs in his life. Some people think his girlfriend is actually an attractive blonde TV and film producer called Sarah Townsend.

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