Depredating goose eggs

Canada geese are a valuable natural resource and a source of recreation to the general public, bird watchers, and hunters.Of all the waterfowl, geese are particularly opportunistic and can easily become accustomed to people.

Canada geese are migratory birds that are protected by international treaties, the federal government and the states. The Department’s permit allows Game and Fish to issue sub-permits to agricultural producers and their designated agents so that they may legally take geese that do not respond to non-lethal deterrents; nests and eggs can also be taken. Failure to submit annual report, or follow permit stipulations will result in removal from the permit program.In many areas of the United States, resident Canada goose populations have increased dramatically since the 1960's.Flocks of non-migrating Canada geese have become established throughout Maryland and other Atlantic flyway states.The permittee shall file a written report on a form provided by the Commission, regarding the activities authorized by the permit no later than October 31 of the year in which the permit was issued. Airports that are part of the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems and have received Federal grant-in aid assistance and military airfields may control resident Canada geese on property that is under their jurisdiction without the need for a State or joint state/Federal depredation permit if they comply with 50 CFR 21.49 (relating to control order for resident Canada geese at airports and military airfields). It shall be unlawful to control resident Canada geese on airport or military airfield property through lethal control or to destroy eggs and nests of resident Canada geese unless the participants are in compliance with 50 CFR 21.49 or are in possession of a joint state/Federal Canada goose depredation permit as prescribed in § 147.744 (relating to depredation permits for migratory waterfowl).Failure to file the report as required may result in future applications being denied. An application fee of in the form of check or money order shall be remitted to the Commission by the applicant at the time of application. No part of the information on this site may be reproduced for profit or sold for profit.

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