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I'm leaning towards Davao because it seems less touristy, has much less p4p, and I'm guessing the "exotic" factor will be stronger there. In recent months the Mayor along with the DDS have been cracking down on "sex" tourist.

They are actually planting girls in hotels, bars, and restaurants to catch men looking for sex only.

Many foreigners have been beaten, locked up, and then deported in recent weeks.

There is even a group of American expats who have been assisting local officials in catching these guys.

I plan on spending 3 months there and like Roosh, I like to settle in one city in a furnished apartment and do a few weekend trips to other locations.

I don't want to stay in a huge, crowded and dirty city like Manila so right now I'm between Davao city and Cebu.

A series of group dates or chaperoned dates are likely to commence thereafter.I'm tired of the attitude of the average American woman and I'm thinking about giving this a shot.The way I look at it is if we get married I'll have her sign a prenup that way I can't get taken to the cleaners.Showing up announced or trying to speak to the woman without the expressed permission from the elder is considered offensive.Flowers, love notes, and tokens of interest are considered common in the Philippines.

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