Christian polygamy dating sites

Here is one from RS, a woman between 41 and 50 years old."I would never ever, worlds without end, even if I could control all events, willingly go back to being a monogamous wife.Even if I were to discount the possibility of eternal blessings, the blessings I enjoy here in this sphere are enough to cause me to become a she-bear when someone threatens them."As the only wife of a good man, I had a good marriage.Within six weeks, they received more than 100 responses.The comments were reprinted, organized according to the age of the respondent.Christian Polygamy has become a reality and is now being taken very seriously in a number of spheres of influence.This resource, therefore, provides the important "snapshots" of essential information in one place.

They were promised anonymity because it is against the law and currently being prosecuted in Utah.A recent survey shows 65% of worshippers are women; Christian women outnumber Christian men but as a married lady recently observed that if the widows and single mothers were lonely then let them live together. Then we have the nonsense promoted by some that God gives the gift of being single.Guess that makes the lonely women out there feel much better, but not if they check their Bibles for such a "truth".If you refuse to confront me according to God's Word you are hypocrites."Christ only has one Bride", the monogamy only traditionalists cry but this makes the monogamy only position worse.

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