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Don't let our name fool you - here at Teen we strive for variety and selection.Our users are from all walks of life, all ages, backgrounds, and sexual preferences.Writing to her 100,000 fans, Lea said: "For the record Thighs [do not] equal vag.“Sorry I had to stand in an awkward way due to my ankle injury.Boy shorts were underneath.”She added: “I have an injured ankle and lost my balance standing.My revealing leg lift was to catch myself from falling.” Some Twitter users have accused Lea of staging these "accidents" for attention to garner more hits.One user said in response to the latest flash: "I understand it's a business and all, so the flirty and flashy stuff is whatever, but Lea has gone too far."Some even questioned why Twitch has banned her account for only 30 days, with another user saying: “We want answers. Come on now her stream is not even game related anymore. The first part is about the life of Tấm before she married the king.

Surely, Tina loves a man who knows how to make her tremble under his rain of touches and kisses.

Twitch say this is in response to a raft of complaints, adding: "The community has closed this channel due to terms of service violations."Now the video game personality may be in more hot water after several other incidents surfaced.

The popular streamer has attempted to set the record straight on Twitter following the incident, but it doesn't look as though Twitch is going to budge with their verdict.

One day, the stepmother sent Tấm and Cám fishing, promising to reward the girl who caught the most fish with a new yếm.

Cám knew her mother would never punish her, therefore instead of trying to catch fish, she bathed carelessly in the river while Tấm was working hard.

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